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ALEXIS technology helps find and eliminate Anomalies in your Data

5% of your Data has Anomalies,

and is worth 5% of your Annual Revenue

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Fraud is the most expensive type of Anomaly. Fraud typically accounts for 50% of the Anomalies. 

Alexis technology has been used for multiple years and has shown to customers that ignoring Fraud has both a one-time financial loss of revenue and impacts EBIDTA margins on a recurring basis. 


Omission is one the most common types of Anomaly. Omission typically accounts for 25% of the Anomalies. 

Alexis technology has been used for multiple years and has shown to customers that ignoring Omission creates significant corruption of data over time. 


Error is the one of the most common types of Anomaly. Error typically accounts for 25% of the Anomalies. 

Alexis technology has been used for multiple years and has shown to customers that ignoring Errors creates systemic issues - process and technology - in the company. 

ALEXIS Technology has been used on more than 10 Trillion  rows of data from various industries. See the value. 

Healthcare Worker with Patient
CMS Healthcare Claims Fraud Detection Case Study Alexis Networks

Health Care Claims

CMS made reimbursement of $400B+ from 1.2B claims and ALEXIS found $15B in Fraudulent Claims 


Industries We Serve

ALEXIS is helping increase REVENUE or EBITDA Margin for Customers across multiple industries

Pharma Bio-Tech

One-Click ALEXIS for Pharma and BioTech
  • Find the Best Clinical Trial Site

  • Discover how to improve Patient Engagement for Clinical Trial Programs

FinTech / Banking

One-Click ALEXIS for FinTech and Banking
  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Threat Detection and Forensics


One-Click ALEXIS for Insurance Claims
  • Claims / TPA Billing Fraud 

  • Workers Compensation 

  • Agent Recommendation Support

  • Churn Prediction

  • Claims Adjuster Automation/Support

  • Assisting in Claims Estimation

Cyber Security

One-Click ALEXIS for Cyber Security
  • Ransomware Attack Prevention

  • Hacking Attempt Identification

  • User Experience Impact Analysis

  • Identify Problem Cause


One-Click ALEXIS for Healthcare
  • Claims and Pharmacy Fraud 

  • CMS Claims Fraud Detection 

  • Digital Clinical Encounters

  • Assisting in Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) and Documentation

  • Assisting in Precision Health


One-Click ALEXIS for Retail
  • Labor to Cost optimization (e.g. during COVID-19) 

  • Inventory to Cost optimization 




100% Unsupervised Machine LEarning Algorithms


100% Unlabelled Data


Alexis technology, with multiple patents pending, is the first provider of One Click Anomaly Detection business solution to  multiple industries. 

Alexis solution is designed for business users, unlike competitive solutions that are designed for technologists. 

It is as easy as defining your Anomaly Detection problem and getting a report of Anomalies found. Then the business user acts as the human investigator to examine the Anomalies. 

Other solutions require significant human intervention and the assistance in the form of data scientist for data preparation - data for training the machine learning algorithms before using the algorithms for finding Anomalies. 


UnLabelled data requires no human intervention to use Alexis solution to find Anomalies. 

Human investigator categorizes the discovered Anomalies as Fraud, Errors or Omissions. 

Alexis is one of the innovative solutions designed and implemented using AI / ML to find Anomalies in data using Unsupervised Machine Learning technology. 

Alexis solution finds Anomalies on streaming data (also known as change data capture). 

The proprietary technology of Alexis enables finding Anomalies on incremental addition of data to the machine learning algorithms. 


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ALEXIS is 90% more cost efficient and 80% more effective than competitor solutions. 


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