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ALEXIS advances the use of its innovative technology to help the students at the University at Albany. 

Princeton, NJ

May, 2023

Alexis Networks, Inc. ("ALEXIS") has entered into a new project  '"ALEXIS Pi" with the University at Albany. By using technologies such as blockchain and anomaly detection, ALEXIS aims to help the students at the University at Albany. 

This should come as no surprise with the launch of this project as the CEO of ALEXIS is involved with the University at Albany's CEHC program ( 

This comes at an exciting time for ALEXIS when the world is seeing a lot of changes in the use of AI and Blockchain technologies. 

The team at ALEXIS is very excited with the launch of this project as some effort had already been put into this. 

Shiftyy Technologies and Alexis Networks Launch Strategic Partnership to Improve Driver Safety and Reduce Insurance Premiums

Princeton, NJ

June, 2022

Currently, Shiftyy Technologies and Alexis Networks have deployed this solution with DHL service providers with great success. Shiftyy and ALEXIS strategic partnership has achieved amazing results, improving driver behavior, driver retention and driver safety insights unmatched in the current transportation industry. Our results speak for themselves with an overall driver safety improvement rate of 97% across various DHL service provider locations. "We believe that this innovation can revolutionize the fleet management and commercial insurance industry", as mentioned by Klee Walsh Co-founder and COO of Shiftyy Technologies, Inc. 


According to Klee Walsh, there are many economic benefits from the Shiftyy + ALEXIS partnership for Fleet Management and for Commercial Insurers:

  • Reduce overall insurance premium costs by implementing an AI based safety plan.

  • Reduce maintenance costs, drivers who drive better, reduce the wear and tear of vehicles. This is especially important now that there is a global supply chain shortage of new commercial vehicles.

  • Reduce costly accidents and damage to vehicles.

  • Improve driver accountability, by identifying early warning signs of bad driver behavior, employers can engage their drivers early and assure their safety on the road.

  • Predictive Insights resulting in early prevention. Many fleets are reactive. Our solution is proactive, preventing driver behavior bad events before they happen.

  • Overall this can save customers $300k to $1.4 million in annual costs per year, depending on events, maintenance and implementation of our solution.

Alexis Networks, Inc. debuted MLN2™ at HIMSS 22

Princeton, NJ

March, 2022

"67 Percent of Healthcare Organizations Hit By Ransomware."

Just think about this, arguably two-thirds of US Healthcare data stands to be compromised. That is 6 out of 10 people or 2 out of every 3 people.


ALEXIS is secure from CyberSecurity Risks – Here is How.

But the picture is not that grim. Not if you are using ALEXIS technology. It took 8 years of R&D and millions of dollars in R&D investment for ALEXIS to ensure that the ALEXIS technology is not only the most superior but also ensures data is secure. ALEXIS has pioneered the use of Neural Networks with Machine Learning, introducing the world's first CyberSecure Anomaly Detection software for Predictive Insights – code named MLN2. 

Watch this ALEXIS technology overview (video + audio) to learn more about MLN2.

Alexis Networks, Inc. is the Sherlock Holmes of Anomaly Detection

Princeton, NJ

February, 2022

When you turn on News or Netflix, we are all hearing about "the Anomaly of Anomalies". Customers are looking for anomaly detection solutions to solve their business problems, grow revenue, and subsequently EBITDA margin. Businesses are seeking new solutions at a time, when "remote" work from home has become the new norm, and the challenges are far greater than ever before when collaborating on data. 


Customers are seeing that ALEXIS is easy-to-use, cost effective, and is powered by just one-click. Its predictive intelligence is superior in the market and provides actionable insights within a week. Essentially, factoring into account the five (5) Vs (volume, value, variety, velocity, and veracity) of data, data has grown so much during the pandemic that it has become increasingly challenging and practically impossible for companies to get actionable insights from the data in a timely manner that is of real value.


ALEXIS is helping customers with its innovative product to address these challenges. Today, ALEXIS products are used across HealthcareBioTech / PharmaCyber Security and more. 

ALEXIS NETWORKS Ranked #14 as NJBiz Best Places To Work


September, 2021

ALEXIS NETWORKS Ranked #14 as NJBiz Best Places To Work

On Sept. 9, NJBIZ gathered in Freehold at The Event Center @ iPA with Garden State employers and employees to celebrate – and reveal the rankings for – the best places to work in New Jersey for 2021. 

Rankings and results are determined by those who know the workplaces the best—businesses’ own employees, through participation with the Best Places to Work survey from fellow BridgeTower Media firm Best Companies Group.

Jim Fasone Honored With The “Top 100 Global Leaders in Finance” Award at GCIF Las Vegas, 2021

Las Vegas

July, 2021

Jim Fasone Honored With The “Top 100 Global Leaders in Finance” Award at GCIF Las Vegas, 2021


Las Vegas, Nevada — July 3, 2021 — Jim Fasone was honored with the prestigious “Top 100 Global Leaders in Finance” award for his significant and tangible contributions towards the finance industry at the inaugural edition of GCIF — Global Conference on Insurance & Finance, held at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA on June 29 — July 1, 2021. 

An experienced business executive, entrepreneur, investor and advisor to the financial services, insurance and healthcare industries, Jim leads teh growth, business development, and partnership strategies for Alexis Networks.  


GCIF 2021, a brand owned by Prism Events, Inc. is a three-day international conference on finance and insurance that celebrates the trailblazing work of leading brands, thought leaders, Fintech experts, and entrepreneurs.

New Jersey’s Best Places to Work, 2021


June 29, 2021

Do you love going to, or logging on, for work each day? Can’t stop bragging about all your company perks? Then there’s a chance that your employer is an NJBIZ Best Places to Work honoree. 

Based upon participation with the Best Places to Work survey, from fellow BridgeTower Media firm Best Companies Group, the 2021 NJBIZ Best Places to Work honorees across small (15 – 49 employees), medium (50 – 249 employees) and large (more than 250 employees) employers are determined from the highest authority on the subject: their own employees. 

The program confidentially collects data, allowing workers to share feedback about their employers, and for those companies to learn from and act on that knowledge. 

Congratulations to this year’s small, medium and large Best Places to Work winners

Small Companies: 15 – 49 employees 

Alexis Networks,  Industry: Technology

Alexis Networks announce a multi-year R&D collaboration with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering

New York, NY

March 23, 2021

Rick Parimi, Founder and CEO of Alexis Networks said, "We know that our One-Click Anomaly Detection™ ML software that is more efficient and complementary for tool business operators to find fraud and anomalies in any data set at the speed of business. But we are not resting on our laurels. We are aspiring to be the best AI and ML software company in the world - to be the best at Anomaly Detection. This R&D partnership with Assistant Professor S. Farokh Atashzar,, at NYU Tandon shows our commitment to our vision and our passion to help customers overcome their largest and deepest data problems." 

Atashzar, an Assistant Professor of both Electrical and Computer, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, will be leading this R&D project from NYU Tandon at MERIIT lab ( 

"The fundamental algorithmic innovations and novelty in this project will have vast applicability for several applications in which availability of labels for anomalous events and the computational cost of conventional models are the concern. This project is supported by our extensive experience in the area of deep and shallow machine learning for data processing and anomaly detection at MERIIT lab - NYU," said Atashzar, who is also affiliated with NYU Tandon's Center for Urban Science and Progress and NYU WIRELESS. 

Congratulations to #AlexisNetworks as a 2021 NJBIZ Digi-Tech Innovator Awards honoree. Award ceremony on Thursday, April, 22 at 8:30 a.m.

Bell Works, NJ


March 11, 2021

NJBIZ is happy to announce and recognize leaders from the business community with the 2021 Digi-Tech Innovators Awards honorees, who will be showcased in a virtual awards presentation Thursday, April, 22 at 8:30 a.m. Tickets will go on sale on March 15. 

Rick Parimi, CEO and Founder of Alexis Networks will be accepting this award on behalf of the ALEXIS team. Go Team ALEXIS!!! 

These executives represent pioneers from New Jersey who have and are, introducing significant advances in the technological and digital space at their organizations, thus enhancing the overall productivity and performance of their companies. 

Buy your ticket here:

West Coast VC Summit: Alexis Networks Featured Company

Young Startup West Coast VC Summit

March 16-18, 2021

We are proud to announce that Alexis Networks, Inc. is in the featured technology innovator at the 2021 Spring West Coast VC Summit. 

With the One-Click Anomaly Detection software platform offered by Alexis, we are pioneering and advancing the landscape and ecosystem of AI and ML applied to discovery of anomalies in any large and complex data set. 

Six Sigma AI: Building Guardrails Against Overconfidence

Bell Works, NJ


January 18, 2020

As AI becomes ubiquitous, more and more high-stakes decisions will be made automatically by machine learning models. AI can determine the very future of your business and can make life-or-death decisions for real people. 

But as the world changes, an AI system is often faced with new examples that it hasn’t seen before, and it may not know the right answer. Without proper guardrails, these automated decisions can quickly turn into catastrophic failures if left unchecked and can reduce trust in AI. As the stakes get higher, it is critical that AI systems are built to be humble — just like humans, AI should know when it doesn’t know the right answer.


With ALEXIS' Sig Sigma AI, models that aren’t confident in their predictions can respond accordingly, whether that means defaulting to a “safe” decision, alerting an administrator for human review, or not making a prediction at all. 

ALEXIS appoints New Board Members

Bell Works, NJ


January 14, 2020

Alexis Networks, Inc. has appointed new Board Members. 


Strategic Advisor, also Managing Director at Talent Equity Capital. Cyber/AI, National Security consolidation, High Level DOD Advisory

James (Jim) M. Fasone

Healthcare and Insurance Executive​, also Founder and President at Strategus, LLC

Pete Clagett

Pharma Advisor​, also Executive, Advisor, Entrepreneur: Championing the link between healthcare, wellness, community, fitness and the outdoors

Michael Decatur

Enterprise Systems Advisor, also IBM Cloud, Global Systems Integrator Alliance Executive - North America

Covington Cook, LLC

Networking Advisor​. Covington Cook is an organizational networking firm, where new talent and bold ideas harmonize to facilitate success. 

"These are very exciting times and one that I feel very energized to accomplish a lot this year", said Rick Parimi, CEO and Founder of Alexis Networks, Inc.  

Leaders Discuss how to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Your Business

Bell Works, NJ


Nov 25, 2020

It’s been a tough year for many start-ups, small and midsize businesses, as the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn wreaked havoc on companies’ top and bottom lines. 

But that wasn’t the case for AI Start-Up Alexis Networks. In fact, 2020 turned out to be a record-breaking revenue year for the firm... 

“We do find there has been increased attention to our One Click solutions as a whole, and we’ve been encouraging customers to also engage in proof of concepts. We expect that our Alexis Platform Services will see great demand in 2021,” Rick Parimi, CEO of Alexis Networks said. 

Despite challenging environment, AI Start-up Alexis Networks sees record-breaking revenue year

New York

Sept. 2, 2020

TIE (The Indus Entrepreneur) is committed to bringing technologies to organizations like Alexis Networks that are state of the art AI and ML technology to detect anomalies in one's data set exposing fraud, omissions and errors. Alliance Payment Solutions has promised to remain on the leading edge of technology and customer convenience. Alliance has over 300 clients and been in business since 2006 and a premiere payments company. As an attorney and sought after thought leader in the industry, Molly Chan, CEO and Co-Founder of Alliance says, "We are always looking for the most secure ways to ensure that our data is clean and our clients (municipalities, non- profits and medical) are best served. Alexis allows our clients to do this with one click."

"Alexis Networks is the first One Click Anomaly Detection platform. Alexis Networks comes with API integrations for business applications and is the first in the industry with unsupervised machine learning technology. Most importantly Alexis Networks is the first in the industry that finds anomalies on streaming and real-time data. We deliver customer success in 4 weeks or less," said Rick Parimi, CEO and Founder of Alexis Network, NJ Tie Charter Member ... 

Alexis Networks launches One-Click AIaaS platform solving Anomaly Detection at the speed of business

Bell Works, NJ

June 23, 2020

Alexis Networks, Inc., announced a breakthrough in AI/ML with the launch of Alexis AI As A Service platform that has One-Click business solutions for the top 2 business problems that every industry is facing - giving business owners to completely eliminate errors, omissions and fraud in data - and enabling businesses to increase profitability faster than ever before.

With Alexis Lens, the AI As A Service platform from Alexis Networks, businesses across multiple industries (Healthcare - Payor, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing and Transportation) are now able to use Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML) solutions for complex business problems.


By using Alexis Lens, companies at every scale are now able to stream their business data and find anomalies in their data. Traditionally, companies would have to hire expensive AI / ML developers and data scientists. Gone are those days. Alexis finds anomalies and fraud in business data in real-time at fraction of the cost.

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