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Six Sigma AI: Building Guardrails Against Overconfidence

Bell Works, NJ


January 18, 2020

As AI becomes ubiquitous, more and more high-stakes decisions will be made automatically by machine learning models. AI can determine the very future of your business and can make life-or-death decisions for real people. 

But as the world changes, an AI system is often faced with new examples that it hasn’t seen before, and it may not know the right answer. Without proper guardrails, these automated decisions can quickly turn into catastrophic failures if left unchecked and can reduce trust in AI. As the stakes get higher, it is critical that AI systems are built to be humble — just like humans, AI should know when it doesn’t know the right answer.


With ALEXIS' Sig Sigma AI, models that aren’t confident in their predictions can respond accordingly, whether that means defaulting to a “safe” decision, alerting an administrator for human review, or not making a prediction at all. 

ALEXIS appoints New Board Members

Bell Works, NJ


January 14, 2020

Alexis Networks, Inc. has appointed new Board Members. 


Strategic Advisor, also Managing Director at Talent Equity Capital. Cyber/AI, National Security consolidation, High Level DOD Advisory

David Silverman

Finance and Banking Advisor, also ​Chief Executive Officer at Alpha Trading LP

James (Jim) M. Fasone

Healthcare Advisor​, also Founder and President at Strategus, LLC

Pete Clagett

Pharma Advisor​, also Executive, Advisor, Entrepreneur: Championing the link between healthcare, wellness, community, fitness and the outdoors

Michael Decatur

Enterprise Systems Advisor, also IBM Cloud, Global Systems Integrator Alliance Executive - North America

Covington Cook, LLC

Networking Advisor​. Covington Cook is an organizational networking firm, where new talent and bold ideas harmonize to facilitate success. 

"These are very exciting times and one that I feel very energized to accomplish a lot this year", said Rick Parimi, CEO and Founder of Alexis Networks, Inc.  

Leaders Discuss how to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Your Business

Bell Works, NJ


Nov 25, 2020

It’s been a tough year for many start-ups, small and midsize businesses, as the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn wreaked havoc on companies’ top and bottom lines. 

But that wasn’t the case for AI Start-Up Alexis Networks. In fact, 2020 turned out to be a record-breaking revenue year for the firm... 

“We do find there has been increased attention to our One Click solutions as a whole, and we’ve been encouraging customers to also engage in proof of concepts. We expect that our Alexis Platform Services will see great demand in 2021,” Rick Parimi, CEO of Alexis Networks said. 

Despite challenging environment, AI Start-up Alexis Networks sees record-breaking revenue year

New York

Sept. 2, 2020

TIE (The Indus Entrepreneur) is committed to bringing technologies to organizations like Alexis Networks that are state of the art AI and ML technology to detect anomalies in one's data set exposing fraud, omissions and errors. Alliance Payment Solutions has promised to remain on the leading edge of technology and customer convenience. Alliance has over 300 clients and been in business since 2006 and a premiere payments company. As an attorney and sought after thought leader in the industry, Molly Chan, CEO and Co-Founder of Alliance says, "We are always looking for the most secure ways to ensure that our data is clean and our clients (municipalities, non- profits and medical) are best served. Alexis allows our clients to do this with one click."

"Alexis Networks is the first One Click Anomaly Detection platform. Alexis Networks comes with API integrations for business applications and is the first in the industry with unsupervised machine learning technology. Most importantly Alexis Networks is the first in the industry that finds anomalies on streaming and real-time data. We deliver customer success in 4 weeks or less," said Rick Parimi, CEO and Founder of Alexis Network, NJ Tie Charter Member ... 

Alexis Networks launches One-Click AIaaS platform solving Anomaly Detection at the speed of business

Bell Works, NJ

June 23, 2020

Alexis Networks, Inc., announced a breakthrough in AI/ML with the launch of Alexis AI As A Service platform that has One-Click business solutions for the top 2 business problems that every industry is facing - giving business owners to completely eliminate errors, omissions and fraud in data - and enabling businesses to increase profitability faster than ever before.

With Alexis Lens, the AI As A Service platform from Alexis Networks, businesses across multiple industries (Healthcare - Payor, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing and Transportation) are now able to use Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML) solutions for complex business problems.


By using Alexis Lens, companies at every scale are now able to stream their business data and find anomalies in their data. Traditionally, companies would have to hire expensive AI / ML developers and data scientists. Gone are those days. Alexis finds anomalies and fraud in business data in real-time at fraction of the cost.

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