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World's First Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Solution

Patent Pending

Built on open source software, Alexis Solution delivers World's First Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Solution for solving some of the major problems today: 

1. Fraud Detection (Anomaly Detection) 

2. Predictive Insights

Alexis One-Click Anomaly Detection Solution Video Intro

The Solution: Unsupervised Anomaly Detection

Alexis Innovation for Business Users

Property & Casualty and Life Insurance

Agent Recommendation Support

Churn Prediction

Claims Adjuster Automation/Support

Assisting in Claims Estimation

Fraud Detection

IT and Corporate Process Support

Business benefits from ALEXIS Solutions

Alexis Software Solution Demo Video

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Alexis Networks is the first to market advanced and innovative platform services that solve Fraud Detection (Anomalies) and Predictive Insights with One Click on customer data and deliver industry leading ROI in as less as a couple of days. 

Customers bring your own data and discover Fraud, write your own code in pySpark or Python on ML Models generated by Alexis Networks. 

Data Science was never so easy until you try Alexis Networks. 

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