Executive Leadership Team

Rick Parimi, CEO and Founder, Alexis Networks, Inc.

Rick Parimi

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CEO, Founder

  • MBA (NYU)

  • MS and BS in Computer Science

  • Fellowship from Harvard School of Public Health


James Fasone

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SVP - Enterprise Sales


Partner Network Management


Yasmine Roulleau

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Customer Success Advisor

VP - Customer Success

Thomas Rivera, VP of Business Development, Alexis Networks, Inc.

Thomas Rivera

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VP, Marketing Operations and Business Development


Operations Leadership Team


Antonio Lück

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Investment Strategy Advisor

David Sorin, Legal Counsel, Alexis Networks, Inc.

David Sorin

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Partner, Chair - Venture Cap and Emerging Growth Companies Practice at McCarter & English, LLP

Peter Demian, VP of Finance and Accounting, Alexis Networks, Inc.

Peter Demian

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Sr. Director, Human Resources

Technical Leadership Team

Raj Chakravarthi
  • LinedIn

VP, Data Science

  • IIT Kharagpur, B.Tech in Computer Science

  • All India IIT Rank top 50

  • Passionate about Complex Mathematics 

Venkat Karlapati
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VP, Information Security and Managed Services


Strategic Advisors

Pete Clagett, Board Advisor, Alexis Networks, Inc.

Pete Clagett

  • Pete Clagett | LinkedIn

Advisor - Pharma and Healthcare

Executive, Advisor, Entrepreneur: Championing the link between healthcare, wellness, community, fitness and the outdoors

Michael Decatur, Board Advisor, Alexis Networks, Inc.

Michael Decatur

  • Michael Decatur | LinkedIn

Enterprise Systems Advisor

IBM Cloud, Global Systems Integrator Alliance Executive - North America