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Automated Anomaly Detection for Improving Refinery Operations

Patent Pending

Built on open source software, Alexis Solution delivers World's First Automated Data Science Solution for solving some of the major problems today:

1. Fraud Detection (Anomaly Detection) 

2. Predictive Insights

The Problem: Each Refinery is uniquely configured, many IoT sensors, tribal knowledge, Refinery Plant unplanned downtime costs Millions 
Alexis Networks: Improving Refinery Operations

The Solution: One Click

Alexis One Click Solution

Product Feature Comparison

Alexis Networks Product Feature Comparison

Alexis Networks has 80% better features than competitive solutions. 


Alexis Networks saves Customers more than $3M per annum and delivers full value 80% faster than competitive solutions. 

Alexis One Click Solution:

  1. Alexis DE for Fraud Detection 

  2. Alexis PE for Prediction Engine 

Alexis One Click Solutions Industry Offerings:

  1. Fraud Detection in Financial Services 

  2. Healthcare Insurance Fraud Detection on Medicare and Medicaid Claims 

  3. Pharma / BioTech Revenue Leakage 

  4. Anomaly Detection and Predictive Insights for Fleet Management / Transportation 

  5. Anomaly Detection and Predictive Insights for Refinery Operations 

Alexis Networks is the first to market advanced and innovative business solutions that solve Fraud Detection (Anomalies) and Predictive Insights with One Click on customer data and deliver industry leading ROI in less than 4 weeks. 

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